Company Info

InGuardians was formed to provide complete security solutions, by meeting the ongoing need for holistic security within the ever-growing IT Security market. Our experts specialize in Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Recovery.

InGuardians, Inc., and our group of leading security professionals include senior security consultants, leading security instructors, authors of many of the top industry bestsellers, and contributors to open source projects including, Honeynet Project, and Bastille Linux.

InGuardians provides network peace keeping for agencies and corporations worldwide.

InGuardians Team

Jimmy Alderson
Jimmy Alderson is a web application and data correlation expert. Jimmy conducts network architecture reviews and security audits. He is an author of the Syngress best seller: Nessus Network Auditing.
Jimmy joins InGuardians after working for ISS, Meta Security Group, and ESecurity Inc.
Jay Beale
Jay Beale has created several defensive security tools, including Bastille Linux and the CIS Linux/UNIX Scoring Tool, both of which have been used throughout industry and government. He has served as an invited speaker, program chair and trainer at many industry and government conferences, a columnist for Information Security Magazine, SecurityPortal and SecurityFocus, and a contributor to nine books, including those in his Open Source Security Series and the "Stealing the Network" series. He teaches Linux Lockdown and Hardening classes at the Black Hat and CanSecWest conferences. He is an alumnus member of the Honeynet Project and a former researcher with George Washington University's CSPRI. Jay is a founder, Chief Operating Officer, and CTO of InGuardians.
Adam Crompton
Adam Crompton is a Senior Security Consultant with InGuardians where he specializes in penetration testing, research and development, and architecture reviews. He has spent a great deal of time within the networks of Insurance Companies performing penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, network device configuration and access reviews, data loss prevention, and software development.
Adam has been a speaker at several security conferences and universities presenting on data exfiltration, antivirus evasion, and the honeypot tools he has developed. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University, with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
Jarrod Frates
Jarrod Frates is a Senior Security Consultant with InGuardians. His experience includes architecture and posture analysis, penetration testing, incident handling, security policy development, system hardening, technical training, and process documentation. Jarrod frequently presents at security conferences. He has helped build out security teams and network operations centers for large corporate enterprises. He holds the GCIH, GPEN, and GXPN certifications, and teaches in the SANS Mentor Program. Outside of InGuardians, he is the CTO for, a non-profit hackerspace/makerspace.
Bob Hillery
Bob Hillery is an experienced consultant in Information Systems Security Management. He is a founder and Senior Security Analyst with InGuardians, Inc. and has an extensive background in computer networks gained through the Navy and R&D labs.
Bob has worked in National Institute of Justice projects and been a Senior researcher with the Institute for Security Technology Studies at Dartmouth College. He served as the Vice President of Academic Affairs & Chair of Information Systems Department for NH Community Technical College, and currently teaches National Security and Cyber-terrorism research courses at the Henry C. Lee College of Forensic Sciences at the University of New Haven. He has significant experience with both the management side and technical issues of security incident handling from his consulting practice.
Bob's professional certifications and affiliations include CISSP, GIAC, MCSE, ISSA and HTCIA.
Larry Pesce
Larry Pesce is a Senior Security Analyst with InGuardians, where he leads engagements involving penetration assessment, architecture review, hardware security assessment, wireless/radio analysis, and policy and procedure development for a wide range of industries including those in the financial, retail, and healthcare verticals.
Larry contributes to the security industry as the co-host of the long-running, multiple award-winning security podcast, Paul's Security Weekly, an invited speaker to numerous security conferences, and a certified instructor at the SANS Institute, where he trains the industry in advanced wireless and mobile hacking.
Larry is a graduate of Roger Williams University. In his spare time he enjoys tinkering with all things electronic and wireless. Larry is an amateur radio operator holding his Extra class license and is regularly involved in emergency communications activities.
Mike Poor
Mike Poor is a founder and Senior Security Analyst with InGuardians. Mike conducts forensic analysis, penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, security audits and architecture reviews. His primary job focus however is in intrusion detection, response, and mitigation.
Mike is an author and editor of the international best seller Snort 2.1 book from Syngress, and is a Handler for the Internet Storm Center.
Mike teaches Intrusion Detection for the SANS Institute and has supported Intrusion Detection and Incident Response teams for the military, and has worked for Sourcefire as a research engineer, and for the SANS Institute leading their Intrusion Analysis Team.
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson is a Security Analyst with InGuardians. He specializes in red teaming, APT threat modeling, blackbox network penetration testing, social engineering and web application penetration testing.
Tyler has held several high-profile positions as a system and network administrator for local county government and law enforcement 911 networks. He previously held the role of Senior Security Consultant and Penetration tester with other boutique penetration companies. He was responsible for conducting custom blackbox penetration tests, as well as physical penetration tests, red teaming assessments, compliance assessments, speaking engagements and helping with Blackhat training events. Tyler's experience with both offensive and defensive cyber industry, as well as his versatile exposure to many different networks, sets him apart as a unique security analyst.
Tyler holds industry-recognized certifications; these include GIAC, GPEN, GCIH, GWAPT, GCWN, GSEC and he is on track for the prestigious GSE. Tyler was trained by Black Hat using tactics, methodologies and tools used by NSA through the mentoring of ex-NSA operators. He has participated on the NIATEC and Pacific Rim CCDC Red Teams as an adversarial opponent.
John H. Sawyer
John H. Sawyer is a Senior Security Analyst with InGuardians specializing in network and web application penetration testing. John's experience in enterprise IT security includes penetration testing, system and network hardening, intrusion analysis, and digital forensics.
John has developed and taught cyber security training for a large university and spoken at events for industry and law enforcement. He has consulted with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies on malware analysis, hacker attacks, and digital forensics. He is member of the winning team (1@stplace) from DEF CON 14's and 15's Capture the Flag competition, co-founder of the University of Florida Student Infosec Team (, and founder of SwampSec ( John is also a respected author and currently writes for Dark Reading and InformationWeek Magazine.
John has held numerous certifications including GCFW, GCIH, GCFA, GWAPT, and CISSP.