Introducing ServifyThis

Windows machines run services in the background, letting admins manage them via the Services Control panel (services.msc) or the sc command. Penetration testers sometimes want to create a Windows service that will allow them to gain and maintain remote access of a Windows machine, possibly a persistent listener offering up shell access on a given port. Unfortunately, while the Windows sc command can be used to run any .exe as a service, Windows waits 30 seconds for the given program to throw a given API call to indicate that the service has started successfully. If Windows doesn't hear back from the service, it kills the program, thinking that the service failed to start. Thus, with sc, you can make your service, but you'll only get 30 seconds of access.

Previously, various commercial and shareware programs were available that would wrap provided executables inside of code that makes the appropriate calls so that Windows would let the executable run as a service and avoid the 30-second kill rule. But, such programs were only available for a fee... until now.

InGuardians' ServifyThis program takes any Windows executable and converts it into a form suitable for use as a Windows service.