IoTA: Internet of Things Attack Methodology

The IoT revolution is here. We are continually connected; at the gym, in the car, the office and at home. Now we are connected to the gym, car, office and our home.
Making those connections requires a whole host of technologies to make the system work. In fact, it is not an IoT system; it is a whole collection of disparate, connected systems. IoT is an ecosystem.
If a system can have flaws, how many flaws would be present in an ecosystem? Multiple ecosystems?
An explosion of thousands of quickly implemented Ecosystems?
That resulting count of potential flaws is unfathomable.
IoT is that explosion of ecosystems.
How can we start to prevent those flaws from entering the ecosystem in the first place?
Enter IoTA: Internet of Things Attack Methodology
IoTA is a methodology for testing all of the components of any end-to end IoT solution; from end user hardware, proprietary and standards-based RF (Zigbee, Zwave, BLE/Bluetooth and all sorts of modulation), Wi-Fi, network protocols, mobile device applications (Android and iOS), internet-connected servers, web applications and databases. IoTA will help you build a testing lab, investigate testing tools, and application of the method to IoT ecosystems.
IoTA is almost here. Check back soon for a download. Thank you for your patience.
In the meantime, view our recent presentation discussing the methdology and its impending release here: iota_release.pdf