Blue Team

Prevention, detection, and containment

InGuardians BlueTeam services deliver expert guidance to your IT employees, stakeholders and management in order to better defend their assets against targeted threats.

InGuardians BlueTeam services deliver expert guidance to your IT employees, stakeholders and management in order to better defend their assets against targeted threats.  In addition to proactive hardening and security architecture services, InGuardians BlueTeam offers threat hunting and incident response.

All of our BlueTeam services begin with building a threat profile of the client.  In this process our entire team identifies the threats and actors that pose the most risk to your organization.  We can then use the threat model to determine the most effective security controls to deter the attacks, in addition to implementing audit measures to determine when breaches occur.

The services below are a subset of what InGuardians can do for your organization.  

Incident Response

InGuardians helps you contain the breach, eradicate the attackers, and make a full recovery.

It is no longer a question of if, but when you will be breached.  Most organizations are ill equipped to handle their own breach investigations.  During the past sixteen years, InGuardians has helped over one hundred Fortune 1000 companies recover from serious compromises.  The process of  containing the breach and eradicating the attackers is often a daunting one.  InGuardians Incident Response Team has the experience to help your organization make a full recovery.

Threat Hunting

Actively searching for malicious threats or actors on information systems.

InGuardians HuntTeam operators use both defensive and offensive teams to identify compromised systems, malicious code, and other indicators of compromise.

Security Architecture

InGuardians analyzes your security architecture and provides recommendations on controls and audit measures.

The threat landscape facing organizations today requires a defensible architecture complete with preventative controls and detailed monitoring capabilities.  InGuardians security architecture services helps your team defend your enclave, deter threats, and dominate your domain.

With the introduction of BYOD programs, enterprises are allowing mobile devices access to corporate networks and sensitive information. InGuardians analysts assess the impact of mobile device usage, evaluate the risks they pose to the business, and demonstrate how an attacker can leverage insecure devices to breach internal corporate networks.

System Hardening Assessment Service

Locking down systems with custom configuration changes and tools

Proactive security measures disrupt or contain a bad actor’s attack.  InGuardians’ operating system hardening and assessment service uses configuration steps and open source tools to block the initial compromise or contain its thread.  Determine your gaps from standards and leapfrog into best practice. This starts at the operating system and application-level configuration settings, moves on to custom SELinux or AppArmor profiles and continues with local system instrumentation.  Past customers of this service have run the gamut from DevOps to security appliance vendors to universities.

Request InGuardians hardening services on production systems or on systems you have in development.

Incident Response Training

Are you ready for the next breach?  InGuardians IR Training will make it so!

Our incident response training has helped many Fortune 500 companies and one country develop their incident response practice. Starting with an evaluation of the organization’s current state of incident preparedness, our team creates a roadmap and training path. From policy and procedure development to live fire exercises, InGuardians can help your team prepare for the tomorrow’s threats today.

Custom Training

You know Kung fu?  Show me. – Morpheus

For over thirteen years, InGuardians trainers have set the standard for excellence in the information security industry.  We have helped author and deliver some of the most popular courses at The SANS Institute, Black Hat, Cansec, Interop, and onsite to private customers.  Contact us to get started on creating a customized training experience for your team.

Press and Speaking

InGuardians subject matter experts are available for press and public speaking opportunities.  We write, we teach, we do.