Software Defined Radio: The New Awesome

Larry Pesce will discuss Software Defined Radio platforms and how they can expose us new wireless protocols. He will  examine a few interesting software packages (with demos) to begin our exploration of the RF spectrum  and also discuss what...

PCAP For Fun and Profit

PCAP for fun and profit will discuss common tools and uses for packet capture, packet analysis and packet crafting. Whether you are a pentester or investigator, packet tools are your friend. Use them to pull credentials off the wire, sling packets or look for new...

Attacking And Defending Kubernetes

Our CTO, Jay Beale, delivered a talk last week on Kubernetes Attack and Defense, with demonstrations. You can find the slides, including Youtube links to all demonstration videos and CTF walkthrough at:

KillerBee: Practical ZigBee Exploitation Framework

Josh Wright debuts KillerBee: an attack framework designed to explore vulnerabilities in ZigBee and wireless sensor networks.In this presentation, Josh examines how ZigBee technology interacts with the kinetic world in scary ways, exploring vulnerabilities in the...

Pen Test Perfect Storm Trilogy – Part 2

InGuardians is pleased to announce the release of the slides from Part 2 of the Pen Testing Perfect Storm webcast trilogy – featuring the return of SANS Pen Testing swashbucklers Ed Skoudis, Josh Wright and Kevin Johnson.Covering network, web app and wireless pen...

Pen Test Perfect Storm Trilogy – Part 1

The Pen Testing Perfect Storm webcast series brings you a deluge of security assessment tactics and strategies from the combined forces of three penetration testing experts: Kevin Johnson: web guru and senior security analyst Josh Wright: wireless wizard and senior...


InGuardians is currently hiring security consultants with a focus on web app and pentesting in a variety of network types.

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