Executive Services

InGuardians offers a variety of services tailored specifically for executives. If you are unsure of your business needs, InGuardians can assess your enterprise security posture and assist with identifying strategic decision points. 

Our team of experts has authored tools, books, testing frameworks, and training programs.  InGuardians consultants teach and mentor the community through SANS, BlackHat, RSA, and private courses.

In addition to our executive services, InGuardians offers a set of educational resources, such as the Weekly Executive Brief and InfosecFIVE™. 

InGuardians’ Weekly Executive Brief is a concise executive summary of one of the topics our team has identified as a top priority of the week. InfosecFIVE™ includes a curated set of short, five-minute presentations on key Information Security terms and issues that our team has developed specifically for executives.

The services below are a subset of what InGuardians can do for your organization.

Mergers and Acquisitions Risk Assessment
Mergers and acquisitions brings not only the merger of financial and human resources but merges networks, applications, and data. 

InGuardians will determine the security risk baseline by identifying major vulnerabilities and weaknesses in our client’s business IT infrastructure, newly acquired subsidiary, or for a business partner that is considered for acquisition.

Security Architecture Review
Executive Security and Privacy Assessment
Executive Advisory Service
Press and Speaking
InGuardians subject matter experts are available for press and public speaking opportunities.  We write, we teach, we do.

Contact press@inguardians.com

InGuardians™ Weekly Executive Briefing

Sign up for our once per week free executive information security briefing.  Concisely written executive summary of the one topic that our team has identified as top priority.
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