August 3 - 6



Black Hat USA

A Purple Team View – Attacking And Defending Linux, Docker, And Kubernetes

Jay Beale, CTO, InGuardians

Learn how to attack and thoroughly lock down Linux and container-based systems from Jay Beale, the creator of Bastille Linux, the Center for Internet Security's first Linux Security Benchmark, and Kubernetes security projects including Bust-a-Kube.

In this expanded and updated 4-day version of the well-reviewed Aikido on the Command Line class, we focus strongly on attacking Linux containers, Docker and the container orchestration system, Kubernetes! 

August 3 - 6



Black Hat usa

Assessing And Exploiting Control Systems and IIoT

 Justin Searle, Director of ICS Security, InGuardians

This is not your traditional SCADA/ICS/IIoT security course! How many courses send you home with a $500 kit including your own PLC and a set of hardware/RF hacking tools?!?

 This course teaches hands-on penetration testing techniques used to test individual components of a control system, including embedded electronic field devices, network protocols, RF communications, Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), and various forms of master servers and their ICS applications. Skills you will learn in this course will apply directly to systems such as the Smart Grid, PLCs, RTUs, smart meters, building management, manufacturing, Home Area Networks (HAN), smart appliances, SCADA, substation automation, synchrophasors, and even IoT.

The Diana Initiative 2019

August 9 - 10



Diana Initiative 2019

Working Remote Can Be Overwhelming and Lonely, Let’s Change That!

 Suzanne Pereira, Director of Operations, InGuardians

One of the challenges we face when working remotely is feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

We can feel overwhelmed by the pressure we put on ourselves, pressure from work or pressure from our family and friends. Sometimes all of the pressure may lead to us feeling anxious, overworked and guilty. I will go over a few different ways you can set yourself up for a positive experience when working remotely.