The Pen Testing Perfect Storm webcast series brings you a deluge of security assessment tactics and strategies from the combined forces of three penetration testing experts:

Kevin Johnson: web guru and senior security analyst
Josh Wright: wireless wizard and senior security researcher
Ed Skoudis: network security penetration tester

This trio of experts will show you how to assess an organization’s real business risks by taking a holistic, comprehensive look at your information security – just as determined and skilled attackers do in the wild. You’ll learn techniques for safely replicating chains of threats that can pivot throughout your infrastructure, including:

Web — SQL injection, cross-site scripting, remote file inclusion, etc.

Wireless — wireless LAN discovery, crypto and protocol attacks, client duping, etc.

Network — port scanning, service compromise, client-side exploitation, etc.

This webcast series is ideal for anyone seeking to go beyond point-focused, “tunnel-vision” assessments to real-world penetration testing – mimicking the sophisticated, multi-staged threats that pose the most significant information security risks to organizations today.

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