InGuardians is pleased to announce the release of the slides from Part 2 of the Pen Testing Perfect Storm webcast trilogy – featuring the return of SANS Pen Testing swashbucklers Ed Skoudis, Josh Wright and Kevin Johnson.Covering network, web app and wireless pen testing techniques, the second installment of Perfect Storm trilogy focuses on assessing the enterprise-wide fallout from a seemingly innocuous endpoint compromise – including how an exposed low-level Windows Vista box can quickly open the hatch to full-scale network subversion.During the webcast, you’ll learn how to proactively test your network’s vulnerability to sinking at the hands of a Client-Side Mutiny – and how to emulate what can happen after the initial compromise, including: discovering wireless devices from exploited hosts with Josh Wright’s newly released VistaRFMON scanning and exploiting web applications with w3af exploiting systems with Metasploit’s integrated pass-the-hash functionality Building on the premise that cyber threats don’t exist in a vacuum, the Perfect Storm webcast series presents tips for replicating real-world attacks that traverse multiple layers of infrastructure using combined network, web app, and wireless attack techniques.

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