Presenter: Justin Searle, Director of ICS Security, InGuardians; Senior Instructor, SANS Institute When it comes to testing and analyzing ICS communications in your lab, what is even better than getting your hands on tools from your engineers? Easy. Having your own set of tools, available for free, customized for your current needs, and extendable for your future needs. Welcome to the Control Things Tools project! Born out of the Control Things Platform, a Kali-esque distribution for ICS professionals, Control Things Tools attempts to bring these customizable tools directly to you. a separate but similar tool for each protocol and/or technology layer, complete with a simple to use python library for you to make (or contribute) your own such tools. Join us to explore the public release of the first series of these Control Things Tools: cti2c, ctspi, ctserial, ctip, ctmodbus, ctvelocio, and the python library that provides the command-line and graphical interfaces for these tools.