What is WaiLin?

An affordable GPS location/time spoofing detection suite for the masses


After a recent discussion with some colleagues about some GPS spoofing mysteries in Shanghai, it was noted that there is no way for an average human to detect when GPS “oddities” happen. These changes could be a well-published notification from the satellite operators (reduction in selective availability, for example), un-published changes from satellite operators, GPS spoofing/jamming, or some other, yet unknown, oddities.

The intent of this project is to provide a low cost, easy to implement a method for gaining access to location data with the ability to record that data over time, provide near-real-time alerts on anomalies, and the ability to perform analysis on the captured data.

The intent is to capture data from several disparate systems in order to provide multiple baselines (and observe changed in those baselines for the disparate systems). Currently, we are capturing data from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo (GNSS), ADS-B and AIS. Currently, the selected hardware for satellite-based location is set to report from one technology only; this requires 3 separate receivers, one dedicated to each technology. The receivers can be configured to use different systems (they are quite flexible), depending on location. This gives us the ability to use BeiDou, IRNSS or QZSS depending on deployment timeline and geographic region to supplement the data gathering.

How can I install WaiLin?

Wailin can be installed from InGuardians’ GitHub repository here or clicking the link below


Wild West Hackin Fest – Way West “Time Travel and GPS F*kery” slides are available here