– Broadcast LIVE from Las Vegas during Black Hat 2017 –
Disruptors and visionaries across the globe are pushing the boundaries of science and technology, economics and industry, healthcare, policy, communications, and governance. From these advances emerge new career paths, educational disciplines, and opportunities for creation and discovery.

But things don’t always work the way we expect them to, and the consequences of disruption are impossible to predict. What is sacrificed for the sake of efficiency or convenience? Who gets to make that call? Whose fault is it when pre-teens get radicalized online, or health records get misused for unauthorized research? And whose job is it to prevent that from happening? Is prevention even possible?

Individuals, enterprises, and society writ large have the right and responsibility to proactively shape and secure the future, but our ability to do so is at risk. As technology continues to proliferate without being well understood, people who fall victim to its failure or misuse feel more and more disempowered to prevent future damage. This is The Tech Effect: the complacency driven by the complexity of the technology ecosystem, and a rejection of responsibility for individual and collective safety, security, and ethics.

It’s time to take charge of our digital future.

Join us for this lively conversation.

– Ariel Robinson, Editor & Host, The Tech Effect, ITSPmagazine

– Jay Beale, CTO & COO, InGuardians
– Jessy Irwin, Security Empress at Jessysaurusrex
– Mzbat